Systems Biology of Cells in Engineered Environments

An NSF IGERT Program at the University of Delaware

Current Fellows

Cohort 5

Riza Bautista

Bioinformatics & Systems Biology
Rzbautis at

Eden Ford

Chemical Engineering
Edenford at

Priscilla Hempel

Bioinformatics & Systems Biology
Hempel at

Doug Nmagu

Chemical Engineering
Nmagu at

John Sperduto

Biomedical Engineering
Jsperdu at

Daniel Yur

Chemical Engineering
dyur at

Cohort 4

Kamil Charubin

Chemical Engineering
kamilcha at

Michael Gallucci

Chemical Engineering
gallucci at

Olivia George

Materials Science & Engineering
ogeorge at

Rachel Lieser

Chemical Engineering
rmlieser at

Jasmine Shirazi

Biomedical Engineering
jshirazi at

Cohort 3

Omar Banda

Biomedical Engineering
oband at

John Dougherty

Bioinformatics & Systems Biology
0874 at UDel.Edu

Jacob Hilzinger

Marine Biosciences
jhilzing at

Andrea Lee

Biomedical Engineering
andylee at

Rashida Ruddock

Chemical Engineering
rashida at

Kat Wiley

Chemical Engineering
kwiley at

Cohort 2

Jason Cargill

Chemistry & Biochemistry
jcargill at

Reza Hammond

Plant & Soil Sciences
rkweku at

Katie Kalis

Marine BioSciences
ktkalis at UDel.Edu

Madolyn Macdonald

Bioinformatics & Systems Biology
mmacd at

Hetty Nie

Biomedical Engineering
htnie at UDel.Edu

Cohort 1

Stephanie Luff

Biological Sciences
sluff at

Jen Mantle

Chemical Engineering
niemczyk at UDel.Edu

Lisa Sawicki

Chemical Engineering
lsawicki at UDel.Edu

Aidan Zerdoum

Biomedical Engineering
azerdoum at

News & Announcements

How Math Could Make Bones Stronger
Models help UD researchers calculate best dosage for osteoporosis treatment

Mar. 29, 2017 - They may seem rigid and set in their ways, but your bones are actually under constant construction and deconstruction.

Better battery membranes
UD researchers develop safer electrolytes and use novel technique to assess them

Apr. 2, 2015 - Most of us have seen dramatic photographs of laptops and even cars that have burst into flames due to failures in lithium-ion batteries. On a much larger scale, battery fires grounded Boeing's 787 Dreamliner jets for several months in 2013 while the company implemented new features to reduce the risk of overheating and combustion.

Platelets on demand
Research paves path to accelerating, enhancing platelet production

Sep. 25, 2014 - Platelets are an expensive biomedical commodity. These microscopic cells that come to the rescue when our blood vessels need to be repaired cannot be frozen and are stable for only three to five days at room temperature.

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